BROOKVILLE, Ohio (WDTN) — It’s one of the stories that gets the most attention from 2 NEWS viewers: the Brookville bicycle man.

We first introduced you to Dave Nugent when we began our Tell Me Good News series two years ago.

Dave’s bicycle ministry just keeps growing, thanks largely to your contributions, and he’s doing something big for Christmas.

“I like to help the kids,” Dave said. “It’s fun.”

There’s no doubt about it. Christmas time is Dave Nugent’s busy season.

“I did it a long time, but it never got so active as what it is now,” Dave said.

“Is this gonna be your biggest one yet?” asked 2 NEWS Today anchor Lauren Wood.

“I think so,” Dave said. “Like I said, wait until you see the backyard. You can get through it and that’s it.”

He does bicycle giveaways almost monthly throughout the year, but at Christmas, he goes big.

“I still work and everything that’s the only way I can afford to pay for this stuff,” Dave said. “You know everything costs so much.”

Shelves and shelves of toys, sparing no expense to make kids in need happy.

“Can’t take it with you,” Dave said.

It’s a hobby that takes up most of his free time — time that has been a little emptier after the loss of his longtime girlfriend this past summer.

“I just enjoy doing it,” Dave said. “Now I do it more since my companion passed away because it keeps me busy.”

He spends hours in his carefully organized workshop, fixing bicycles and tricycles people have donated, getting them ready for little feet to pedal once again.

“A tricycle is $50 to $70,” Dave said. “And they’re plastic. So anything I get, I fix up.”

And soon, he’ll have a new place to work. A long-time dream is becoming a reality.

He just bought a piece of property, and he’s building a place to work on — and store — his bikes.

“It’s right on a corner,” Dave said. “It’s an acre lot. And they’re gonna start construction maybe next week on it.”

A much-needed addition, after years of a backyard brimming with bicycles.

“You wouldn’t believe the families that can’t afford a bike right now,” Dave said.

The giveaway is on Saturday, Nov. 18 at Dave’s house in Brookville. The address is 142 June Place.

It begins at 10 a.m. and Dave emphasizes that nothing will be given away before that time.

He has toys, bikes, scooters, and tricycles, and will hold a drawing for $100 “Santa checks” to help with Christmas shopping.

If you’d like to donate to Dave’s efforts, just drop any new or used bike off at his house at 142 June Place.