DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – For the first time, Takoda Collins’s mother is telling 2 NEWS how she alerted authorities of suspicions the 10-year-old Dayton boy was being abused by his father. 

According to authorities, Takoda, who died last month, suffered extreme abuse.

Takoda’s father Al-Mutahan McLean, his girlfriend Amanda Hinze and her sister Jennifer Ebert remain in the Montgomery County Jail. They’re facing several charges, including abuse and child endangerment, according to officials, and more charges could follow. 

McLean had custody of the boy, but Robin Collins told 2 NEWS she contacted children services in Montgomery County and Wisconsin, where she lives, months before her son’s death.

“This falls on CPS here in Dayton,” Collins said. “This falls on them. This falls on Wisconsin. They should have looked into it. They should have done more.”

Robin Collins told 2 NEWS she didn’t speak with her son as much as she was supposed to. She said a phone call last spring left her feeling troubled.

“I spoke with him actually back in May, but I could tell that his father was hovering over him telling him what to say,” she said.

After that call, Collins said, she went to her local child protective services office in Wisconsin with concerns about Takoda’s care under his father, Al-Mutahan McLean.

Collins told 2 NEWS she also called Children Services in Montgomery County, but she said she didn’t hear back from either office. So that month, she called 911 asking police for a welfare check.

“They told me that everything seemed to be taken care of, that he seemed to be doing just fine, that they didn’t have any concerns,” Collins said.

Staff members with Dayton Public Schools reported suspected abuse 17 times to Montgomery County Children Services, according to district superintendent Elizabeth Lolli and documents obtained by 2 NEWS.

“A person can only call and tell you so much of you not doing anything that they feel like them calling isn’t doing anything,” Collins said.

Collins told 2 NEWS she plans to take legal action against children services in Montgomery County and in Wisconsin.

“I’ll be suing as much of them as I can, and it’s not because I want the money,” she said. “It’s because they need to pay.”

Since 2 NEWS has learned the reports of abuse stretch back years, Montgomery County Children Services has denied multiple requests for a follow-up interview.

The county is conducting an internal review of how the agency handled Takoda’s case, officials recently announced.