TROY — The city of Troy Police Department served a search warrant at the office of Isaiah’s Place, a foster parent training organization, on Wednesday.

According to Capt. Joe Long, the search warrant named Kelley Gunter, executive director of the foster parent and foster care support center located at 1100 Wayne Ave., Troy, in the former Stouder Hospital building on Wednesday afternoon, according to our partners at the Troy Daily News.

The warrant seized computer and financial records related to suspected theft or misappropriation of funds in excess of $100,000, he said.

Capt. Long said the tip came from a former employee who suspected funds were being misused by the organization, according to our partners at the Troy Daily News.

According to the Isaiah’s Place website, the organization provides training for potential foster parents in their own home and opened in 2003.

The organziation is state funded with state and county contracts for services relating to foster care, according to the Troy Daily News.