XENIA, Ohio (WDTN) – With just four days until the election, thousands of Ohioans will make their way to the polls this weekend to vote early.

Greene County Board of Elections officials said they’ve seen an uptick in early voting this year with lines out the door and hour long waits all week.

“Early voting here in Greene County has been very heavy.  We’ve got about 11,500 folks that have come out to see us and vote early and in person,” Greene County Board of Elections Deputy Director Llyn McCoy said.

McCoy also said the spike in early voting could be attributed to both parties emphasizing early voting like never before.  She said space is a huge issue for Greene County, so expect long waits.

Xenia police were called their office Friday afternoon, when a fight broke out between early voters.  Election officials said the fight did not get physical, but words were exchanged and a big enough disruption was made to call Xenia PD for assistance.

Montgomery County Board of Elections director Jan Kelly said their offices were just as busy with early voters.  They’re anticipating a big crowd in the last three days of early voting.

“This weekend will be our biggest crowd so far.  You can see it’s picked up this week.  We had 2,500 voters in house yesterday,” Kelly said.  “We can handle about 600 voters and hour, so we’ll get you in and out here.”

Kelly also says avoid busy times like Sundays after church.