DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — After last week’s winter storm, many of us are happy to be able to see clear roads again, but melting snow and anticipated rain this weekend could cause flooding.

Steven Hatton and other plumbers around the Miami Valley have already been booked for the past week, tending to calls with busted pipes, and they say if your basement is flooded experts say you could be spending thousands of dollars to repair it..

“We’re finally getting caught up on getting everybody’s water back on getting the freeze breaks paired and now we’re just stocking up and bracing for the rain that’s coming on top of the melting snow,” plumber Steven Hatton said.

“It’s peace of mind that if the power goes out or if the primary pump was to fail, that battery back up at least is going to keep your head above water until a plumber can get there to change it.”

Plumbers also are stocking up on equipment like pumps and check valves and getting ready to work long hours in preparation to keep basements from flooding.

Susan Schulker says has already damaged her home of 36 years, and she says she has experienced flooding is not a pretty sight. 

“There’s not much you can do, it comes when it wants to come so I always make sure my sump pump is working because we have wells and so that you know without the sump pump, you’ll really gonna have extreme flooding in your basement,” she said. 

Susan’s home in Riverside is extremely prone to flooding with rainfall, and her home flooded 8 times this year alone.

The best thing you can do to avoid those extremely costly repairs and keep your head afloat is to make sure you are replacing your water sump pump every 5 years, make sure your pump is working once a month and to have a battery backup system to provide extra security.