A cold front will drop to the south through the area tonight, then lift back up north tomorrow as a warm front. This along with a ridge building into the Midwest will aid in the development of an mesoscale convective system(MCS). There are many factors in play tomorrow for severe weather. Models are really having trouble determining exactly where and when the complex of storms will arrive. All the components for severe weather (very high instability, and wind shear) will be present tomorrow afternoon and evening, but a pocket of warm air above the surface may not allow for convection to fire, keeping the lower levels stable and creating what is known as a cap. If the cap of stable air bursts, severe weather is possible tomorrow in the evening hours with damaging winds being the main threat, but hail and a tornado are possible. Extreme heat is also in place with a ridge building in for the week, with record highs possible on Tuesday and Wednesday, dew points in the 70s, and heat indices in the triple digits likely on Tuesday and Wednesday, and possibly Thursday. A cold front moves through Friday bringing relief to the heat and humidity.

Tonight: A low of 70 degrees. Showers and storms early.

Tomorrow: A high of 90 degrees. Partly cloudy with showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening.

Tomorrow Night: A low of 73 degrees. Thunderstorms possible.