(WDTN) — The fireworks industry is exploding in 2022. Americans are expected to spend $2.3 billion on fireworks this year, which is an average of $200 per family.

Antonio Flores, the General Manager of Phantom Fireworks in Bloomingburg, said they are already seeing those numbers here in the Miami Valley.

“The sales have been really good, actually. They’ve been increasing each day. Right now, we’re approaching that big season, so our sales right now are up,” Flores said.

But the fireworks industry is also experiencing an increase in production costs. According to the American Pyrotechnics Association, overall costs are up 35 percent. The cost of supplies and raw materials went up roughly 20 percent and the cost of shipping went up tens of thousands of dollars.

Customers are feeling that increase at check out. Jeff Bradley has been setting off fireworks with his brother for more than 30 years, but he said they probably will not set off as much this year because of the prices.

“The costs went up considerably, especially on the bigger ones. And some of them were just like it was almost a shock, you know, how much they changed because we were buying them for $199, now they’re $350,” Bradley said.

Professional fireworks displays are also expected to break revenue records. Ed Evans is helping with the final preparations for Friday night’s 4th of July fireworks display on his ranch in New Carlisle. It is an annual tradition that keeps getting bigger.

“It’s awesome for us, we look forward to it every year, and always trying to add to it and find ways to make it more spectacular for the public,” Evans explained.

His fireworks display is being produced by American Fireworks Company. Mike Elsner, an employee of the American Fireworks Company, said despite the increase in price, communities still want their big fireworks display.

“On the professional side, for all of our towns, we have been fortunate. We haven’t lost any. Actually, most of them have increased to keep their productions the same or slightly higher,” Elsner said.

Even Evans said he was able to double his show this year. The Evans Family Ranch July 4th celebration runs Friday, July 1, through July 2, 2022. It is a free event that offers live music and food trucks, as well as a choreographed fireworks display. For more details, click here.