DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — While they do not have official numbers yet, the Greater Dayton RTA expects to see a slight increase in the number of people choosing public transit during this time of record high gas prices.

Brandon Policicchio is the chief customer and business development officer for RTA.

“When gas prices rise, especially to the levels they are today, you do tend to see an increase in public transit use,” Policicchio said.

While gas prices continue to rise, people are trying to save as much money as they can, turning to alternatives like the Greater Dayton RTA.

“To use public transit, even a couple days a week if you don’t normally do that maybe that’s a way for you to go out to dinner that week, if you spent all your money on gas you wouldn’t be able to go out to eat, so I think it’s a good alternative,” Policicchio said.

The Greater Dayton RTA is anticipating an uptick in ridership as prices at the pump climb. They are even sweetening the deal by offering free rides on the weekends throughout the summer, hoping more people will try out the RTA if they are looking for a little relief.

“I think a lot of customers who maybe have never tried us before would be surprised to see how close a bus stop is to them and where it can take them,” Policicchio said.

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