RIVERSIDE, Ohio (WDTN) — With more than 1,400 votes, the city of Riverside has passed a levy to generate funds for its police and fire departments. The City of Riverside estimates the new income tax will bring in an additional $3 million for police and fire services.

“Riverside’s income tax rate will go up to 2.5% but the city will also credit back up to the full 2.5% based on what our residents may pay to other communities,” said Josh Rauch, the Riverside City manager.

It restores the full 100% income tax credit for the city of Riverside, which currently is at 50%.

Josh Rauch Riverside City manager, “if you’re a Riverside resident and you work in Dayton, and you pay Dayton 2.5%, Riverside will credit you back 2.5%. If you work in another community where you would only pay 2% Riverside will credit you back 2% and still collect the .5% as part of our shared income tax.”

The city manager said the tax will lower taxes for some but raise taxes for others.

“If you’re a non-resident or live and Riverside but work in a community that doesn’t have income tax you would pay the 2.5% in income taxes to Riverside,” Rauch said.

Ronnie Gray is a retired Riverside police officer. He said he voted for the police and fire levy because the demand for officers is high.

“They’re working these young kids 12 hours a day and that’s hard for them.”

He also he said feared that if it didn’t pass the community would continue losing officers to more competitive areas. “It’s a training ground for other departments. They’ve already lost 3 officers to the City of Huber Heights,” he said.