DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – A national touring memorial rolled through Dayton to honor the life and career of Dayton Police Detective Jorge DelRio. The End of Watch Ride to Remember honors the police officers and personnel who lost their lives in the line of duty. 

Walter Dolinski of Arcanum says, “Every person on this trailer has a family at home. Every person on this trailer has somebody that loves them just as much as you love your family. They were willing to give up all of that. These men right here are heroes.” 

146 lives sacrificed in the service of others. 

Chad Blanchard of Lake Charles, Louisiana says, “There was a little boy who came up and was talking to his father.” 

The End of Watch Ride 2019 is traveling to 99 police departments in 30 states to make sure they know their losses are not forgotten. 

Jagrut Shah is the Chairman of the Beyond the Call of Duty. He says, “I thought it would be really nice to show every department that they’re not alone. They’re in the same cause of grief and honoring and respecting.” 

The trailer honors men and women of every age, race, and religion. In Dayton Saturday they were joined by members of the Punishers Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club to honor Detective Jorge DelRio, whose end of watch came last November. 

Dolinski says, “Seeing the way the men around him, men and women, reacted to his loss, tells me everything I need to know about that man. He was a good man.” 

Shah says the response from the public has been incredible, though he acknowledges conversations about police and policing are evoking necessary change in many areas. “It’s ok to voice your opinion about that, but at the same time let’s not forget those that gave the ultimate sacrifice.”