RICHMOND, Ind. (WDTN) — Officials in Richmond are giving an update on information regarding Monday’s fire at the recycling center.

Officials held a press conference at 4 p.m. on Friday and provided new information on the current status of where the recycling center fire stands.

Richmond Mayor Dave Snow says the site of where the fire broke out is still experiencing flare ups, but is under control, but remains a dangerous area for people to currently be in. The evacuation order is still in place and has not been lifted. At this time, there is not a known time on when the order could be lifted, but the city is awaiting more test results which are expected to return on Saturday.

If you are still in need of shelter or meals, there are resources still available in Wayne County for anyone who needs assistance. Meals and a place to stay are still available for the community. People who were made to leave their homes and are in need of food or shelter should visit or by calling 1-765-973-9300.

Residents have been returning to their homes and alerting the Wayne County Health Department that they are experiencing symptoms, such as vomiting. Christine Stinson works for the Wayne County Health Department and said people should not return to their homes and should continue to stay out of the area until officials say it is safe.

“If you’re smelling smoke, if you’re seeing smoke, then you’re in that plume,” Stinson said during Thursday’s press conference.

Debris is known to be in yards around the affected area. To combat the issue, the US EPA has announced they are bringing in contractors to remove debris that has gotten into yards and the land around the site in Indiana, but also in Ohio. People that believe there is debris from the fire in their yard should not touch it or mow their yard, since it could contain asbestos.

The US EPA released new information on two new contaminants that were detected at the site. Officials say Hydrogen cyanide and Benzyne were detected at the facility on Thursday, but are no longer being detected Friday afternoon at the time of the press conference.

The health department says comprehensive information will be released for everyone to determine what exact exposure from the fire they may be expecting. There is not yet a timeline on when that information could be released for determination.

N-95 masks are free and available at the Wayne County Health Department at 100 South Fifth Street in Richmond.

You can watch the entire press conference in the player above.