MORAINE, Ohio (WDTN) — Authorities have released the cause of a four-car crash that injured several inmates and killed one on I-75.

On Oct. 3, a deputy with the Solid Waste Litter Program was in a marked Sheriff’s Office transport van behind a group of inmates who had volunteered to pick up trash from the side of I-75 southbound.

Just after 11 a.m., an Aramark box truck veered off the lane and struck the rear of the transport van, pushing it into the inmates and killing one, 52-year-old Timothy Tufano. The lights on the van were flashing at the time.

The collision brought traffic to a standstill, and I-75 south was shut down for five and a half hours while crews investigated the collision.

Authorities released a crash report explaining what caused the fatal crash.

Before the crash, the transport van was parked behind the inmates on the shoulder of the road. The van itself was slightly too large and a portion of the left tires was sticking out into the lane.

According to the report, the driver of the Aramark truck was taking the exit the inmates were working on when he heard a loud bang in the back of his truck. The driver turned to look for a moment and when he looked forward again he saw the deputy’s van. He did not have the chance to stop before colliding with the deputy’s vehicle.

The Aramark truck pushed the van into the inmates before veering across all southbound lanes and hitting the concrete barrier. The truck was then hit by two other vehicles: A silver Chevrolet Cruze and a white Toyota Tundra.

Charges have not yet been released, authorities said. Charges will be filed after all the documentation is completed and presented to the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office.