DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — March 22nd was the first day of Ramadan, with the fasting beginning March 23rd.

Ramadan is a Muslim holy month that will be observed all around the world for the next 30 days.

During the month, many Muslims will refrain from eating or drinking anything from sunrise to sunset. They will pray and read the Holy Quran, as well as donate to charity. 

A local faith leader told us it is one of the holiest months for Muslims, as they charge their spiritual batteries for the rest of the year.

“This one month of the year, you’re able to fully focus in on that purpose of your life. So that going forward for the rest of the 11 months, you can use this month as an example and be like, ok, even though I’m not at that level where I was in that month, maybe I can keep achieving higher and higher progression and fulfilling the rights that we owe to our fellow human beings,” Fazl-I-Umar’s Imam Usama Rehman tells 2 NEWS. 

Each night at sunset, Muslims will celebrate ‘Iftar’, where they eat a date and break their fast. At the end of Ramadan, there will be a day of celebration called Eid on April 21st.