DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The quick thinking of one RTA bus driver saved a woman’s life.

Damone “D” Hudson has been an RTA driver for 24 years, but what he saw on February 16 was a first even for him.

Hudson drove his usual route over the Main Street Bridge when he saw something so unexpected he immediately stopped the bus.  It was a woman, in distress, standing on top of the Main Street Bridge.

“My adrenaline started to flow, because I was really concerned that she was going to jump.  That I was about to witness someone jump,” Hudson said.  “First thing I could think to say to her was ma’am you look like you’re having a bad day, you know, can I give you a hug.  It was just trying anything to try to really get her wanting to come back over on the other side of the rail.”

Hudson said he distracted the woman long enough until first responders showed up and got the woman to save ground.

“That was definitely a first for me, so I just hope that everyone that looks at this goes man next time I see someone in distress or I see something I’ll stop [too],” Hudson said.

The Greater Dayton RTA plans to honor Hudson at their board meeting on March 17.