RIVERSIDE, Ohio (WDTN) – The world’s oldest profession is under new attack in the new year.

A brand new police task force is working undercover targeting prostitution in Montgomery County.

Only 2 NEWS was given exclusive access as the team conducted its latest sting operation.

For the past three weeks in Montgomery County, an R-storm warning has been in effect.

R-storm is a new multi-jurisdictional prostitution and sex trafficking operation.

“We made 40 arrests, several felonies and once you’re involved in the sex trade other things come with that drugs firearms other types of arrests are associated with that,” said Sgt. Rhett Close, Riverside Police Department.

One by one, the johns are arrested, questioned and the evidence gathered and the women involved are not only at risk legally, they now face new risks on the street as guinea pigs for drugs dealers.

“Prostitution is now being used for drug dealers to test their products that they’re putting out on the street such as the heroin problem that we’re facing in this region right now.”

It’s that connection to other crimes, along with the prostitution itself, that R-storm is trying to fight, but it is an uphill battle and a growing crime that crosses all boundaries; social, geographic and economic.

“This isn’t gonna go away. We’re not under the impression we can stop this in three weeks, a month or year. Sex trade grows as the money associated with it, so we’ll continue to combat it and find ways to stop it and help the victims that are out there.”

R-storm says you play a role in this as well. If you see behavior that looks suspicious, call your local police.