(NBC) – The fall TV season gets underway tonight night on NBC and the new drama “Ordinary Joe” explores how choices made at a pivotal moment in a person’s life, can lead to very different results and show how each one takes title character, Joe Kimbrough, down a very different road.

“I think we all play with that idea, at some point in our lives, of how a choice greatly affected the road we took,” said the series star, James Wolk.

Wolk plays all three variations of Joe, one chooses passion and becomes a rock star another, driven by love, follows medicine while a third, fueled by family, wears a badge.

“What I think people will be able to relate to is the kind of vast difference between these characters and the idea that, had I made that choice differently when I was younger, I would have a totally different life,” said Wolk.

But it’s not only Joe’s work that’s different, ripples are created in his personal life impacting those closest to him.

“You see, the same person who I could be married to in one story, is just a friend or married to a friend of mine, in another story,” said Wolk.

That means everyone’s playing three variations of the same person.

“Even though we’re essentially the same, it’s, it’s like a subtle, it’s very subtle but specific,” said Elizabeth Lail, who plays Jenny Banks in the series.

“It’s an actor’s dream, to be able to have so many different characters kind of embodied into one,” said Natalie Martinez of her role as Amy Kindelán on the show.

The roads not taken, are taken in the series and Wolk expects that’ll get viewers talking.

“This will be like an interesting conversation starter, in homes, you know, I think people just relate to that idea,” said Wolk.

And he hopes they also relate to “Ordinary Joe”.

“Ordinary Joe” premieres Monday, Sept. 20 at 10 p.m., right after “The Voice.”