MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police said that a man is behind bars after robbing a Dollar General and shooting a clerk in the face over Halloween candy.

MPD said on Sunday, Malik Motley entered the Dollar General on Third Street wearing a black mask, black T-shirt, and jeans. Armed with a handgun wrapped in a yellow Dollar General bag, he demanded money from the register while pointing a gun directly in the clerk’s face.

According to police, Motley shot the clerk point-blank in the face. He then ran after taking a bag of Halloween candy.

Police said that officers made the scene within minutes and found the victim alive but still injured.

Officers checked surveillance footage and found they were already familiar with the suspect. Police said that officers knew who Motley was and followed up with a search of his residence.  

When police arrived at Motley’s house, he was seen walking outside and ran when he saw officers. Police said that officers lost sight of him, but they continued with a search of the residence.

After obtaining a search warrant, police said they found a pair of blue jeans, grey Nikes, and a silver Smith & Wesson handgun as well as a yellow Dollar General bag and bag of Halloween candy.

According to records, Motley has been charged with especially aggravated robbery as well as attempted first-degree murder.

Motley’s bond has not yet been determined. He is expected in court on October 7.