DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Several men from the Dayton area are busted in a prostitution sting this week.

Dayton police say among those arrested is an employee from Montgomery County’s Juvenile Justice Center and a police sergeant who also works at a local security company.

All it took was a fake ad, an internet connection and an undercover officer to pull off the latest prostitution sting in Dayton.

Only 2 NEWS cameras were rolling as men showed up and got caught.

“It’s a pretty bad day. You go to jail, your car gets towed,” said Sgt. Kelly Hamilton with the Dayton Police Department.

Dayton Police arrested ten men for solicitation.

“Guy who worked for the post office. We got a foreign national who was here at Wright-Patt training. He’s in that county’s air force. We got a business owner. We got a police officer,” said Hamilton

That police officer is Sergeant Todd Pultz of the North Hampton Police Department. He also works for Moonlight Security. His Linkedin account lists him as the Vice President of Operations.

While he usually enforces the law, this time, Dayton police say he broke it.

“It’s disappointing. You would think of all people that if you are sworn to uphold the law the last thing you want to do is break it, especially in this fashion,” said Hamilton.

I left a message for Sergeant Pultz at Moonlight Security. He never called me back. I also called the North Hampton Chief of Police who tells me because of this arrest, Pultz is not an active member of that department anymore.

Sergeant Hamilton said there’s a lot more to this crime than many of these guys think.

“There are 57 documented cases of prostitutes in Dayton, Ohio that are HIV positive. These women have sex hundreds of times–that’s hundreds of men that could be infected and take it back to their family.”

He also said this crime is part of the drug problem in our community.

Many women sell their bodies because they need drug money.

He says Dayton Police will keep arresting those involved no matter who they are, OR WHERE THEY WORK.

“Everybody is an adult. Everybody makes their own decisions and everybody has to live by the consequences,” said Hamilton.