URBANA, Ohio (WDTN) – A poisonous, invasive weed is exploding across the midwest.

It’s called ‘Wild Parsnip’ and it could ruin your summer if you get too close.

Currently, the plant is in bloom and it looks a lot like something you may have growing in your garden but don’t be fooled.

“It can be mistaken for dill,” said Tracy Bleim, the site manager for Cedar Bog Nature Preserve in Urbana.

According to her, it’s a plant the public should know about and stay away from.

“Just don’t touch it. Leave it alone,” Bleim said.

If its sap gets on your skin, and the sun shines on it, you could be left with some serious burns and blisters.

Jessica Lorenz of Springfield was unaware the yellow-flowering plant she’s been seeing all over is dangerous.

“That could be really scary. Your child’s playing with something and the next thing you know you have all these blisters popping up and you have no idea what caused it,” Lorenz said.

Brushing up against the weed during a walk, or hike may not put you in harms way. According to Bleim, some may have worse reactions than others.

If working around it the Department of Natural Resources advises to always cover up as much skin as possible.

“For the most part, it’s if you’re cutting and getting the liquid on you,” said Bleim.

Regardless of work or play, Lorenz says she plans on staying away.

“Every time we see it and we’re out, I’ll make sure the kids are aware of it,” she said.

If you do come in contact with wild parsnip sap, officials recommend to shower or wash the affected area immediately.

Serious blistering and burns should be treated by a medical professional.