DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Boundless is an Ohio nonprofit that also facilitates a vocational training program for adults with learning and developmental disabilities. “Pets and People” trains people to make and package dog biscuits which offers them transferrable skills for future employment.

“Boundless’ mission is to try to build a world that realizes the ultimate unlimited potential in people,” explained Brett Breeze, the program supervisor with Boundless Community pathways. “Whether it be running a machine, placing labels on the bag [or] weighing ingredients. [We’re] not just focused on kitchen activities, we want them to be well rounded individuals as well.”

Breeze says demand for the dog treats continued even through the pandemic.

“There were still people who wanted to buy the treats and slowly we brought more of the individuals back in,” he said. “We were able to ramp the production back up as the needs were required.”

Breeze says the training program offers opportunities for the participants to learn and grow, and live a full life.

“We want to create as much independence as possible with the individual so that way, they can get out in the community in a way that we take for granted.”

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