NEW CARLISLE, Ohio (WDTN) — In honor of Flag Day, the American Legion Post 286 in New Carlisle retired over 9,000 flags Tuesday night. The Ceremony of Disposal of Unserviceable Flags honors American flags and retires them with dignity of service.

“I feel that it’s really necessary to do, especially in this day and age, to support our country and what it stands for,” said resident James Freeland.

Commander of the American Legion Post 286 Keith Sage said flags from all over the world were mailed to New Carlisle to finally be laid to rest through a fiery blaze.

“We had a guy bring one in from Iraq one day, Iran, Afghanistan, they’ve been all over the world,” said Sage.

Sage said flags that were retired have served our country well, its worn condition should no longer represent the nation, but its service has been completed.

“Not in a trash can, not in a box, this is a way that should be done honorably,” said Sage. “A lot of lives have been lost for the red white and blue and we still have alot of service men and women fighting for it, as for all the veterans who were here.”

Many Miami Valley residents attended Tuesday night’s ceremony knowing the cost many have paid for the red white and blue.

“It’s good to see there’s still good people who have patriotism in their hearts, who knows what it costs to be an American,” said Freeland.

The first ceremony was in 1937 and has been an annual ritual since then, every year on June 14.