DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) –  As some businesses start to open their doors for the first time since Sunday’s shooting, one that remains closed is Ned Peppers. Mourners continue to stop by, adding to a growing memorial to honor the nine victims.

Sadness, grief, and anger are in the air, and people are expressing appreciation for their loved ones. People from all backgrounds have come out to pay their respects and remember the victims.

One woman who cut flowers from her own garden to leave at the memorial tells 2 NEWS she has two children the same age as two of the victims, and she herself is the same age as another victim.

Mondays in the Oregon District typically don’t bring much traffic, but Monday, a lot of people are driving or walking by to see the memorial.

One man stopped by to release a dove, saying it’s meant to symbolize peace and compassion in the wake of the tragedy. He says the amount of people who have stopped by to pay their respects is proof that people will not let fear take control of their city.

“It won’t work,” he said. “This is proof that it won’t work. People are going to continue to come together, they will continue to bond and show that we as people are stronger than fear. Together, we are stronger than fear.”