BELLBROOK, Ohio (WDTN) – Police say they have closed the road outside the home of the active shooter who killed nine people in the Oregon District overnight, including his own sister, out of respect and safety for the family.

Bellbrook Police arrived at 4 am alongside FBI agents and Dayton Police to serve a search warrant on Creekview Place, looking for any evidence that could answer the question: Why?

“I know they took due regard in making sure that everything was safe when they went in there,” said Bellbrook Police Chief Doherty. “When we knew that it was a really strong Bellbrook connection in the way that it is, we just all have shown up and tried to provide the support that we can to one another.”

Not many neighbors knew Connor, but Brad Howard lives nearby and says he has known him for close to 20 years, remembering the bus rides to school where they would sit.

“He was a really nice kid, he was quiet, kept to himself, but this is just a big testament to mental health and what we need to do to try to understand mental health and the issues that are present,” he said.

While investigators are long gone, gathering any evidence that could point to a motive, they say it will be at least a day before the road is back open.

City Manager Melissa Dodd said, “Providing that security is of utmost importance, I don’t know what that’s going to look like going forward but we’re absolutely going to be addressing that as we understand the needs, for sure.”

Police Chief Doug Doherty says in this community of seven thousand, they have never had to execute a search warrant for a mass shooting.

“It’s things that we train for as far as the active shooters, we train for this kind of thing but it’s just difficult,” he said.

They are providing support for the grieving family as they have lost both a son and daughter in the tragedy.