DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN/WAVY) – The first thing people need to know about 39-year-old Monica Brickhouse is that she made her husband, Anthony, a better man.

“When I met Monica, I met her through my nephew,” Terry Brickhouse, Anthony’s uncle, said. “And she changed his life so that called me to love her instantly.”

Monica was a native of Springfield and moved to Virginia. Monica and Anthony were the parents of 6-year-old Anthony, Jr. Monica is also the step-mother to two other children.

“I’ve never seen my sister more happy,” Terry said. “I’ve never seen my nephew more happy. The joy she brought to the family. It hurts me to know that that joy has turned into sadness.”

Monica worked for Anthem, which sent out a memo that she had been killed in Dayton. She was originally working out of Virginia Beach but then transferred to work for Anthem from home.

Monica’s family confirms that Beatrice Curtis, also an employee from the Anthem Virginia Beach office, was in Dayton to visit Monica and the two went out for a night on the town in the Oregon District. They would never come home.

“They went out to have a ladies night out, then the tragedy struck,” Terry Brickhouse said.

Damian Seaton worked with Monica at Bank of America before it was closed down and relocated. Seaton called Monica Brickhouse an excellent supervisor.

“She was just a very positive person,” Seaton said. “You always knew when you sat with her that you had an easy-going spirit, someone who was going to help you and advise you in the right ways.”

Seaton said Brickhouse was a unique supervisor.

“When she walked through the call center, you never heard her coming,” Seaton said. “She would slide her feet everywhere she went. That was just her style.”