DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The Dayton community mourned the loss of nine people who were killed when a suspect opened fire in the Oregon District one year ago.

He was supposed to be celebrating his 30th birthday with friends and family. Instead, Logan Turner’s family mourned his death in the Dayton shooting.

“Instead, we’re here with this. There will be no more birthdays,” Logan’s Grandmother Christine Wuebben said.

It’s was a rough few weeks for Logan’s ma-maw who had suffered a fall. She and Logan were especially close. She even helped care for him as a baby.

“Each day I made a log and book for him. Wrote down what we did and what he did and it was just a joy,” Wuebben said.

His stepdad said he was taken at the pinnacle of his life. Everything was perfect for Logan. Now, for his family, perfection is out of the question.

Danita Turner, Logan’s mother, said, “A mother shouldn’t have to bury their child.”

“I don’t think any of us will ever be the same again. I know I won’t,” Wuebben said. “I’m 87 and right now I’m just empty. Just empty.”

Logan loved his job and his girlfriend, Molly. He didn’t know a stranger.

Stepmother Kathy Wagner said, “Everybody loved him and he loved everybody.”

Aunt Susan Scherbauer said, “I didn’t have children of my own. So, he was like mine.”

He was a role model for everyone around him. Even his dad. “I just can’t say good enough stuff about my son. He was a man I wanted to be,” Mike Turner said.

Turner was employed at Thaler Machine Co. in Springboro.

President Greg Donson told 2 NEWS of how well-liked Logan was, and says he was a respected co-worker.

(Turner Family)

“I got to know him and was just very impressed with his demeanor and his abilities and his smile. I just got to know him real well and when I found out he was actually taking engineering classes, I realized that we were going to have to take a look at hiring this young man. He was a perfect fit, and we hired him, and he just did very well,” Donson said.

Logan had an Associates Degree in Engineering Technology from Sinclair and was in the process of taking more classes.

Donson goes on to say Logan’s family has the company’s full support.