BELLBROOK, Ohio (WDTN) – Bellbrook Police Chief Doug Doherty believes the Oregon District shooter and his sister Megan, who was one of the victims, were the Betts’ only two children. He says the family lost two children in a matter of seconds, making them victims themselves.

More allegations are surfacing about 24-year old Connor Betts. Some former high school classmates say he was suspended from Bellbrook High School after creating both a hit list and rape list.

“It wasn’t a report that we took, or we didn’t recieve that information, so that’s not something I can speak about,” said Chief Doherty, adding that would fall under Sugarcreek Township Police Department.

He says right now, his department’s main role is to provide security and support to the Betts, who lost a son and daughter in the Oregon District shooting.

And the Chief says there are ongoing conversations to find someone to speak on the family’s behalf, but until then, he is taking on the role.

“I think they want their message to come out in the appropriate time and they want the appropriate person to deliver that,” Chief Doherty said.

Right now, Doherty couldn’t say who, but confirms at least one person is communicating and assisting the family with whatever they need.

“They’re still in the grieving process, I think it would be insensitive of me to talk about the level of grief, so it’s still very raw for them,” he said.

There is no set time for when the family will speak or release a statement but Chief Doherty says it could be as early as Monday night or Tuesday.