DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Dayton Police shared a timeline of the Oregon District shooter’s activities the night of the tragedy on Saturday, Aug. 4.


Before Tuesday, police learned Connor Betts arrived at the Oregon District with his sister and a companion. The three entered Blind Bob’s together, but the shooter left alone.

After spending nearly 30 minutes at Ned Peppers, he traveled back to his car where he put on a hoodie sweatshirt and a large backpack.

He was out of security camera view for eight minutes, when police believe he was assembling the weapon he used to kill nine people.

“Our concern was, once they separated, then what happened? What was that time frame? We can now fill that in,” Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl said.

This is the timeline released by the Dayton Police Department:

11:04 pm Saturday: Shooter, sister, and friend arrive in Oregon District and go into Blind Bob’s. Police say their vehicle was parked in the Thai 9 parking lot, and a parking ticket confirmed their arrival time.

12:13 am Sunday morning: Shooter leaves Blind Bob’s, without sister and companion

12:14 am – 12:42 am: Shooter goes into Ned Peppers

12:46 am – 12:54 am: Shooter goes back to the car, changes attire and removes items from the trunk of the car, including a heavy backpack. He spends roughly 8 minutes at the vehicle.

12:55 am – 1:04 am – Shooter walks past rear of Newcom’s. At this point, police cannot track his movements for roughly 9 minutes. He then darts into the alley beside Blind Bob’s.

Police did find an ejected round behind Blind Bob’s matching the shooter’s ammo.

1:05:35 am – Shooter emerges from the alley and begins attack outside Blind Bob’s

1:06:00 am – 1:06:07 am – Officers engage and take down shooter

When asked if it’s possible the shooter entered Ned Peppers earlier in the night in order to scope it out Biehl said, “I think that’s a strong probability, but let me also say that he was very familiar with the Oregon District, so this was not a place that he did not know.”

While a Kettering man is facing federal charges for lying on a form that allowed him to purchase body armor and gun accessories for the assailant, the Chief says that as of now it does not appear that anyone helped the shooter during the time frame of the attack.

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“That day, during that time frame, we don’t see anyone assisting him in committing this horrendous crime, so that’s important information,” Biehl said. “That, plus some follow-up investigation seems to strongly suggest that his companion had no idea what he was going to do, nor did he have knowledge of the weapons that were in the trunk of that vehicle.”

The shooter’s sister, Megan Betts, was killed in the shooting. The friend she was with was shot but survived.

The question of whether she was directly targeted by her brother remains unanswered.

“Based on what we know now, we can’t seem to make that call conclusively,” Biehl said. “We’re divided on whether that was intentional or not. I think it’s inconclusive. We may get a better insight through historical date looking back, but based on the evidence from that night, I don’t think we can make the call.”

He did add, however, that they were in contact with one another shortly before the shooting began.

“He did know where they were at because they were communicating during this hour back and forth. One brief phone call, we don’t know the content of that, that was between his sister and he. There was no invitation to meet. There was a communication from his companion that they were going to the taco stand. That was about seven minutes or so before the shooting occurred,” he said.

Biehl was emotional when asked about the Dayton and the city’s reaction to the shooting.

“This community is remarkable,” Biehl said. “I’m amazed at how remarkable they’ve been – so gracious, so grateful, so caring. It’s a beautiful community.”