Around 1 a.m. on this date four years ago, a gunman opened fire in the Oregon District, killing nine people and injuring 27 more.

A memorial service tonight organized by Dion Green and his Fudge Foundation brought together family members of the victims, survivors, the community and local officials to remember the lives that were tragically taken in the mass shooting, and the countless other lives that will never be the same.

People spoke about the victims and how tough the past four years have been, but they also spoke about how important it is for the community to rally together in the wake of that tragic night.

Four years ago was about pain and grief for many, so the Fudge Foundation, which organized this memorial service, is trying to reclaim this day to be about a community healing together.

Dion Green survived that night.

His father, Derrick Fudge, did not.

The younger Green is using the foundation to help survivors and those who experience trauma handle the grieving process through support and advocacy.

Green says it’s tough to come to this place but hopes tonight is healing for everyone.

“You know, I don’t come down here as much as well, but I woke up this morning and prayed and asked for him for guidance, asked him to protect this area while we’re here for the throughout the night,” said Green. “So, you know, bring love and not hate, you know? You know, we just want it to be smooth and just let people enjoy their day.”

The event featured some music and entertainment, including Tobias Harris from “American Idol.”