OHIO (WTRF) — An Ohio woman claims Bigfoot has returned to the wilderness near her home, and she believes she has audio proof, reported USAToday.

Suzanne Ferencak of Columbus, Ohio, has been collecting research on Bigfoot for several years, recording knocks, howls, and even sightings in the woods behind her property.

So when Ferencak captured a two-minute-long audio recording of an unidentified creature howling in the distance, she was thrilled, calling the audio a Bigfoot creature, reported USAToday.

However, Mohican State Park naturalists Kyle Casey and some other colleagues suggested otherwise, saying that the sound could have just been an alpha male coyote calling its pack.

But Casey told USAToday that the match wasn’t quite exact.

Ferencak described her first glimpse of Bigfoot in 2013 when she said a 7 1/2-foot tall, hairy beast allegedly jumped over a back road in Ohio.

Since then, she has been recording more than 20,000 hours of audio recordings.

“If I’m out, I always have a recorder going. According to USAToday, I’ve been doing this for nine years,” Ferencak said.

She plans to discuss her encounters during the “Bigfoot Basecamp Weekend” at Pleasant Hill Lake Park in Ohio.

Ferencak is part of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, a group that collects reports of potential sightings of the creature.

“We’re just hoping a lot of people come forward with their stories,” Ferencak said. “There might be people out there who are afraid to come forward out of fear of being ridiculed, and I definitely understand that,” reported USAToday.

The hope is that researchers can add more dates, times, and locations to their database of encounters.

“If we can start connecting some dots along the way, then we can develop a pattern,” Ferencak said. “It’s fascinating.”