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CLEVELAND (WJW) – Spring is creeping in closer, but anyone who lives in Northeast Ohio knows that March can still bring its fair share of snow.

Historically, our chances for snow typically go down as we approach spring, but it’s not out of the ordinary.

The most snow we have seen in March was 30.4 inches back in 2008. The average amount of snowfall in Cleveland for March is 10.8 inches.

So, what about this year?

We are forecasting a big pattern flip for mid-March after seeing such a mild winter so far.

March 9th through 24th shows an increased probability for below-average temperatures for most of the country, including Northeast Ohio.

This means that we could see more frequent cold air outbreaks through the month of temperatures below the average high, which for March is around 47 degrees.

With temperatures expected to remain cold, if we get the right system to move in, that would mean snow for us.

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