DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Ohioans are voicing their opinions as they look to the future of the state.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine will be sworn in again as governor of the state of Ohio. People from around the state talked about what they want to see as they look to the future of the state.

Cincinnati resident Rob Kohlman says that when he envisions the future of the state, the main focus he is looking forward to is investing in the children.

“He [Governor DeWine] came out to the school that I worked at and I was very happy about that. He was focusing on tech schools and the students there and I like that idea, that he is going back to the basics. Focus on education and lets build and put investment into our kids,” Kohlman said.

Governor DeWine said one of the biggest challenges facing the state is making sure no one is left behind. The governor wants to make sure for the future of the state going forward that financial stress from inflation is relieved, but also find affordable housing options.

A Dayton resident said he is ready for gas prices to go back to normal.

“I’d definitely like to see inflation go down, price of gas go down,” Jim Curl, resident of Dayton said.

An additional goal the governor is looking to help with is assisting those affected by mental health.