LORAIN COUNTY, Ohio (WDTN) – An Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper saw a car driving on a freeway in Lorain County with flames shooting from it Tuesday.

The trooper immediately followed the vehicle and got the driver out. This was all captured on video. That video was posted on OSHP’s Facebook page Wednesday afternoon.

Ohio State Highway Patrol said the incident happened on I-90 near state Route 254 in Sheffield Village, Lorain County at 9:42 a.m. Trooper Paul Macko had just completed a traffic stop when the vehicle passed him. OSHP said Macko quickly caught up to the vehicle as it pulled off the right side of the roadway. He ran to the vehicle and immediately helped the driver out. Shortly after, the vehicle became completely engulfed.

OSHP said the driver told Macko he was unaware the vehicle was actually on fire. He said he saw some smoke and his brakes stopped working shortly thereafter, which was why he didn’t immediately stop when Macko pulled behind him.

OSHP’s Facebook post said, “There are no “routine” days for a trooper. Yesterday, a motorist thought he had a simple mechanical issue when he saw some smoke. What Tpr. Macko saw was a car on fire. Tpr. Macko rushed to the vehicle and assisted the elderly driver out seconds before it became engulfed.”