(CNN) – Surveillance video shows a McDonald’s manager in Colerain Township throw a blender at a woman who asked for a refund for a messed-up order.

“I wanted to get some Happy Meals and some cheeseburgers and that was a very unhappy day for me,” said customer Britany Price.

A quick stop through the drive-thru at the McDonald’s on Colerain Avenue near Ronald Reagan Highway ended inside with food she says wasn’t right flying at a manager, and a blender hitting her in the face, shattering her cheekbone and breaking her nose.

“I’ve had surgery. I’ve had a lot of doctor’s appointments, the follow-up. Hard mornings, hard afternoons,” she said.

The video shows Britany come inside the restaurant with what she says was a messed up order.

She’s waiting and waiting for it to be fixed, with four children in the car.

She even refills their drinks to kill time.

As she waits, other customers come and go.

“I wasn’t the only one that got frustrated, you know, watching the video we see a lot of people that see me and her talking, trying to resolve the issue and they’re like, ‘I’m not dealing with this,’ you know, they just left, they didn’t even place their order.”

The timecode shows after waiting about 23 minutes, Britany goes to the car to grab the rest of her order to ask for a refund.

“It’s like you’re directly ignoring me, so what choice do I have? I don’t have to put up with this, so I went and got the food, I want my money back. And that’s kind of where it all goes from there.”

The video shows about 25 minutes after she first entered the store, Britany throws multiple bags of food at the manager.

The manager apparently throws a blender at Britany, and it ricochets off her face, knocking her to the ground.

“I mean, I definitely don’t feel like there would have been a different result. I feel like even if we would have just went verbal back and forth that it still would’ve escalated to something else,” she said, when asked if she regretted throwing the food.

Local authorities have not filed in charges in connection to the incident.

McDonald’s sent a statement, it reads: “The safety of our customers and employees is of utmost importance to us. We are looking into this matter and will take the appropriate steps once our investigation is complete.”