BAINBRIDGE, Ohio (WJW) — A driver who led authorities in Geauga County on a high-speed pursuit Thursday night is now regretting that decision.

The incident began to unfold when an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper pulled over a car on the entrance ramp to state Route 422 in Bainbridge Township. Investigators said the driver lied about his identity and when the trooper opened the car door, the driver decided to flee.

Fortunately, the trooper let go of the door handle, and was not injured.

A deputy with the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office who was providing back up for the trooper began chasing the car as the driver pulled onto Route 422 westbound. The deputy’s dashboard camera video shows the driver using an emergency turnaround, and then heading eastbound on 422. He then got off the highway at state Route 44, where he eventually accelerated to speeds approaching 100 mph.

The video shows that at one point, the driver passed slower traffic and nearly collided head-on with another car.

“No regard for safety. I don’t know what he thought was going to try to get away,” Geauga County Sheriff Scott Hildenbrand told FOX 8 when watching the video on Friday. “It’s not only the traffic — a deer could have run out, an Amish buggy could have been on the road. You know, there’s a number of things that makes this so very dangerous.”

The video shows that when the suspect reached a “T” intersection, he was going so fast that he ended up driving through the front yard of a home. At that point, the car started leaking fluid, but it did not stop the suspect.

The pursuit continued into Portage County, but finally ended when the suspect crashed into a utility pole and the car rolled over.

After 35-year-old Nicholas Rosian of North Royalton eventually emerged from the wreckage, he refused to comply with the commands of deputy Matt Brickman. A passing good Samaritan jumped into action and helped the deputy subdue Rosian, who suffered a number of injuries in the rollover crash.

The investigation later revealed that Rosian had a reason to run — at least in his own mind. It turns out that he did not have a valid driver’s license and, inside the car, authorities found a crack pipe.

After he crashed, Rosian revealed that the car he wrecked was not his, and that it belongs to his girlfriend.

Authorities said Rosian could have saved himself a lot of trouble by not trying to outrun the law.

“They almost always get caught,” Hildenbrand said. “All he did was make the whole situation worse in the end. Fortunately, other than him, nobody else got hurt.

“Senseless; totally senseless. He ended up with more penalty in the end than he would have if he had just dealt with the situation while he was pulled over the first time.”

Rosian is being treated for his injuries, but when he is well enough, the highway patrol said he will face a number of charges.