CINCINNATI, Ohio (WDTN) — Cincinnati’s newest hippo, Fritz, and his older sister, Fiona, seem to be getting along swimmingly after new Hippo Cove video shows them playing together.

Video from the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden shows Fritz chasing his sister around the Hippo Cove on Tuesday, September 6. Fritz and Fiona trotted around before making a splash into the water, Bibi following closely behind.

The siblings first met on August 24 in the outdoor habitat. Supervised by Bibi, the two almost got close enough for a nose boop!

The famous pair playing is what the zoo called “One of the funniest moments in Hippo Cove History!”

The zoo’s director of animal care, Christina Gorsuch, said in August, “We will continue to put Fiona, Fritz, and Bibi together for short periods until we’re confident that the three are comfortable together. The next step will then be to add Tucker to the mix. We don’t have an exact timeline for when that will happen.”

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