DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — An incoming freshman at Miami University in Ohio was floored when she was assigned the same dorm room that her mother occupied in the fall of 1990.

“When my mom told me, we both screamed over the phone,” first-year student Sarah Bowling said. “I was in total disbelief.”

Laura Everett Bowling, Sarah’s mom, graduated from the university in 1994.

“My first reaction was total and complete surprise, and absolute shock,” Laura said. “I just couldn’t believe it.”

With 4,472 residence hall rooms on campus, the odds of being assigned to the same residence hall of a parent are about 0.02, according to Dr. John Bailer, Distinguished University Professor emeritus of statistics.

“The likelihood of being placed in the same room 33 years later is 1,099 to one,” Dr. Bailer explained. “You are more likely to be audited by the IRS than to be placed in the same room as a parent.”

Despite having the same room, Sarah and her mom noted some differences in their respective college moving-in experiences.

“We are much more prepared this time around,” Laura said. “In 1990 we didn’t have pictures of the dorm rooms to help plan what to bring to campus. There are so many more fun options for dorm decor and storage now, so I’m sure Sarah’s room will be much cuter than mine.”

Aside from a campus address, the mother and daughter duo share a love of the Miami Redhawks ice hockey team, Bagel & Deli Shop and Kofenya Coffee, which they say will likely be their meeting spot to catch up during this new chapter of life.