(WKBN) — Over three years ago, four guys from Columbiana got together with an idea, to start a YouTube channel about haunted places in Ohio. Since then, they’ve gathered thousands of subscribers to “Hauntings of Ohio.”

It started with an idea — Jack Davis, Kade Meredith, Brett Meredith and Kyle Hart had an interest in ghost hunting shows. So, they decided to make their own series on YouTube and then get on TikTok.

“We haven’t expected to get anywhere with it, just do it for fun. To see that 87,000 people on TikTok follow us and enjoy our content, it’s pretty incredible,” Davis said.

Most of their first season included places in Columbiana County. One of the places noted was “Cry Baby Bridge” in Salem.

“The entire time we were there, we were constantly getting really, really solid, intelligent responses,” Brett said.

YouTube video: “Get out!”

“I don’t know if they’re telling us to get out to be nice, like, there’s something evil that they’re trying to keep us away from or they’re like get out, we don’t want you here anymore,” Kade said.

They also went to the coke ovens in Leetonia, where one clip received 2.3 million views on TikTok.

Youtube video: “Help me! Be careful! They are inside there!”

“There could have been tragic accidents of people falling into these ovens, burning alive or whatever,” Davis said.

Recently, they’ve gone to more of the well-known, rumored haunted locations.

“I don’t know how to explain it. It felt like it was going to be a rough night and it in fact was. I had one of my most terrifying experiences there,” Kade said.

With multiple cameras and audio recordings, it takes a while to get a video online.

“These 10-hour investigations are condensed into an hour. Like, sometimes you’ve got to get rid of some things that we might not keep for the actual video,” Davis said.

But why do something like this?

“Honestly, the thrill. The thrill keeps us going. Like, we have so many memories together and once we start talking about these memories that we have experienced at these locations, it just keeps you going. It’s like riding roller coasters,” Davis said.