DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour has arrived in Cincinnati, and the concert is attracting a large number of fans.

Taylor Swift is playing right now at Paycor Stadium, and she returns there tomorrow night for her second Cincinnati concert. The area is seeing an increase in traffic and people looking to live out their “Wildest Dreams”.

City officials expect more than 120 thousand people from the two sold out shows alone. Paycor Stadium had to call for back-up to meet the staffing needs for such a large-scale production.

More people means more traffic on the road and limited parking. Workers loading equipment for the eras tour are concerned about getting to and from work.

“I was a forklift driver, there was 16 forklifts including mine, and I think it was 40 or 50 trucks and it was just unloading stuff it was just chaos,” Zach Guithues said. “My biggest concern right now if everything goes forward as planned where I’m gonna park tomorrow at like 9-9:30 when everyone is still at the show, and parking is still 60 to 80 dollars.”

Fans who got in line early this morning shared what the atmosphere was like hours before the concert.

“Chaotic,” Danielle Stinson described. “The merch truck line is down the street winding around, they have blocked off the streets for some food vendors, and some different activities and stuff the streets are just packed.”

Despite the chaos and long lines, Swifties said they are excited for the show they’ve waited so long to see, saying it’s all worth it to see their idol.

“She’s just one of the most popular people and how much people fantasize over her,” Ally Turner said. “Meeting her I would probably like, I don’t know, I’d probably pass out to be honest if I saw her within even 10 feet of me.”