COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A Columbus-based distillery, Middle West Spirits, is doubling its distribution across the U.S. and introducing new offerings for the fall and winter months. 

Middle West Spirit’s Bourbon Cream, paired with its OYO American Character Vodka to make an espresso martini (Courtesy Photo/Middle West Spirits).

Middle West, known for producing award-winning spirits since 2008, has partnered with the Independent Distributor Network to expand distribution to an additional 15 states. Now, Middle West can be found in over 40 states across the U.S. 

“[IDN] became a really good partner, a really good fit for us,” said Ryan Lang, co-founder of Middle West. “Throughout COVID, [our goal] was to increase our footprint nationally.” 

Established in 2019, IDN provides distribution for wineries and distilleries and has an alliance of members from 28 states. The partnership expands Middle West’s footprint to Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Texas. 

“Our partnership with Middle West is truly a symbiotic relationship in what our team is trying to accomplish as leading independent wine and spirits distributors,” said Mark Harmann, National Sales Director of IDN. 

In addition to the expansion, Middle West is gearing up for the fall and winter months with the release of three products. With the holidays on the horizon, Middle West will release its seasonal Bourbon Cream — a blend of the award-winning Michelone Reserve Bourbon Whiskey with sweet cream, best paired with coffee, hot cocoa, eggnog, or straight up on the rocks.  

Middle West Spirit’s seasonal Bourbon Cream (Courtesy Photo/Middle West Spirits).

Middle West is also launching a new gin this winter and the next round in its Double Cask Collection, with a Sherry-Finished Bourbon Whiskey, Oloroso Wheat Whiskey, and Pumpernickel Rye Whiskey

“Middle West has multiple products that could possibly be some of the best whiskey I’ve had,” said Christian LeGuen, director of spirits at Favorite Brands and an IDN member. “The deep amber and copper colors, the smoothness, and packaging are hard to beat, along with everyday whiskey price points.” 

Middle West will also reopen Service Bar, owned and operated by the distillery in the Short North at 1230 Courtland Ave. The restaurant closed temporarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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