(WDTN) – The new version of Ohio’s “Stand Your Ground” law goes into effect Tuesday.

The revised law removes the “duty to retreat” requirement before a gun owner can use lethal force in self-defense.

It also expands places someone can fire a gun, from in the person’s home or vehicle, to include anywhere they have a legal right to be.

“I think the law is a reasonable law if the people of the state of Ohio agree with it, and apparently do through their legislature that people should have the right to stand their ground by people with physical approaches looking to do them harm,” said attorney Joseph Stadnicar.

The bill passed with strong Republican support in December and was signed into law by Governor DeWine in January.

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley criticized the change and said, “It will make Ohio less safe for everyone, especially African Americans. This is the sort of legislation we get when we prioritize politics over people.” Democratic State Rep. Casey Weinstein of Hudson plans to introduce a repeal to the ‘Stand Your Ground Law.’

The revised bill can be read below.