COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Reports of rape to campus police dropped in May to four, compared to 11 reports in April. School also ended, with last final exams on May 3.

The reports are tracked and published in a daily log in accordance with the Clery Act.

One rape was reported directly to police.

Campus Security Authorities reported the remaining three. CSAs are “officials with significant responsibility for student and campus activities,” according to the Clery Center website.

Police logs included the following reports of rape for May. The date is when the rape is said to have occurred.

  1. April 10 to May 1. Two counts. Morrison Tower. CSA report.
  2. April 27 to 28. Doan Hall. Police report.
  3. Jan. 10 to May 4, Unknown location. CSA report.
  4. Jan 10 to April 30, 3 counts, unknown location. CSA report.

Incidents reported to Campus Security Authorities are not reports made for the purpose of a criminal investigation or law enforcement action. CSAs have the obligation to notify the university.

“In many cases, a survivor does not wish to report the incident to police,” an Ohio State spokesperson said in an emailed statement. “When a survivor does not wish to report the incident to police, it is unlikely that there will be a police investigation.

“Sometimes, it is unclear if these incidents occurred on campus if the location is unknown. CSAs are trained to provide resources to survivors and instruct them how to report to police. Reports made for law enforcement purposes are made separately to a law enforcement agency with jurisdiction.”

Rapes and Ohio State University

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