DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Rent prices could rise following historic property value numbers.

The Montgomery County Auditor’s Office announced historic property value numbers earlier this summer, raising the stress level for renters who are already having a hard time finding an affordable home.

Last year, landlords filed over 6,500 evictions in Montgomery County, which is the most cases filed since 1997, according to a study done by the Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio.

As property values increase in the area, renters are hoping to find something in their price range.

Fresh out of college, Anniston Burlingame and her boyfriend spent five months trying to find a place to call home, which was a challenge with stipulations and demand making it hard.

“We signed our lease, and two days later, they had jacked up the price $125 already, just for, I guess, the rarity and the amount of people they had interested in in that area,” Burlingame said.

The average 2-bedroom apartment for rent in the area costs $1,132, while the average income for a full-time worker has to be around $18.63 to afford one of those spaces. Though, the average tenant in the Dayton area earns $18.10 per hour, according to Apartment List.

“Come down from like the double digit rent increases now, you know, single digits, but it’s still it’s still going up,” Marcus Roth, a spokesperson for the Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio, said.

The Montgomery County Auditor’s Office says at this time they don’t have a clear estimate how taxes will change due to property values going up on four plus rental units.

However, an eviction notice will set you back.

“Prospective landlords will see that eviction on their on their record and are most likely going to reject their application for an apartment,” Roth added. “So, having an eviction filed against you just really increases your instability.”

There is help for renters who do fall behind on their payments through the Miami Valley Community Action Partnership, who offer a rental and utility assistance program.

You can learn more about the program here.