Four people are in custody, including a teenager, who police say went on a random paintball shooting spree, firing at people and homes.

Lynne Simmons was on her porch Sunday when she says she saw a car drive by with a woman out of the window, shooting a paintball gun, which hit a man on his bicycle multiple times. He fell off his bike, but is expected to be okay. Because of Simmons, police were able to catch the four suspects minutes after she called.
“I thought it was a gun,” Lynne Simmons said. “So I told my sister to get down. I was like ‘oh my god’ get down.”
Simmons recounted the terrifying moments when she saw a woman shooting a paintball guns multiple times at a man riding his bicycle. It happened on Stewart Street near Conley Street around 3 Sunday afternoon. After it happened, she immediately called 911.
“The girl jumps out,” Simmons said. “And she starts shooting anywhere from 5 to 6 times was hitting and I thought it was a gun so in the mean time I called 911.”
Becaues of Simmon’s quick call and spot on description of the vehicle, Police were able to arrest the suspects minutes after the incident. A total of 4 suspects were arrested, including one teenager.
We’re told the suspects, who are 18 and 19, will be charged with assault.