KENTUCKY (WJW) – Crews from Northeast Ohio are in Kentucky to help after devastating flooding has killed at least 30 people.

These are new photos from Calcutta Volunteer Fire Lieutenant Randy Schneider, along with two Hanover Township Firefighters Tim Roush and Adam Williams.

The crew deployed Friday as part of Operation Kentucky Flood Search and Rescue.

The group has done more than 40 searches, four rescues, and distributed supplies to victims.

“It’s been another eye opening experience seeing the amount of resources and help people are willing to lend In a crisis. This is our third natural disaster search and rescue trip we’ve done for Calcutta Fire Department and the outpouring support from our community to provide relief for these trips is amazing,” said Lieutenant Randy Schneider of the Calcutta Volunteer Fire Dept. 

Ohio Task Force 1 was also deployed to assist with the devestation.

Kentucky’s governor warns the number of deaths due to the flooding will likely rise in the coming days.