ATHENS, Ohio (WCMH) – Another rape was reported to the Athens Police Department over the weekend.

A 19-year-old woman reported being raped on Saturday on the west side of Athens. 

It is the sixth rape reported to Athens police or Ohio University police since the fall semester started two weeks ago. Three reports have been filed with each department. Officials say there’s no evidence of a connection between any of the reported incidents.

Kim Castor, director of the Ohio University Survivor Advocacy Program says the university has worked hard to create a culture where it’s safe for people to come forward and report a sexual assault. “Statistics show that the first six weeks of the fall semester is the most dangerous time for students in regards to sexual assault,” Castor said. 

Meanwhile, fraternities and sororities on campus have started hanging banners to raise awareness of sexual violence. One banner reads, “No does not mean convince me.”  Others included, “Our bodies, our rules” and “It is not consent if they are too afraid to say no.”

Lauryn Greer, a freshman from Columbus, applauded the effort by the Greek community. “A lot of the influence around here comes from the frats and the sororities – like what they’re doing everyone else needs to jump on – so when you see them promoting consent and how important it is – I think it’s going to hopefully open peoples eyes.”