DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Most people would consider leaving a fair with the remnants of a funnel cake or maybe a stuffed animal won at a ring toss to be a good day.

Some visitors to this year’s recently concluded Ohio State Fair left with something even better: cold hard cash.

The Ohio Department of Commerce’s Division of Unclaimed Funds helped more than 1,000 people claim more than $320,000 in unclaimed funds, with an average claim of nearly $308.

“The Ohio State Fair is our largest in-person outreach event of the year and one we look forward to each year,” Superintendent Akil Hardy said in an emailed release. “This year’s fair marks another success as we were able to reunite thousands of Ohioans with their missing money.”

While the $300 average isn’t anything to sneeze at, some Ohioans scored major paydays. One found they were owed more than $50,000, while another found more than $28,000.

“Unclaimed funds” are those that businesses and financial institutions report to the Division of Unclaimed Funds after a period of inactivity (typically 3-5 years). These funds can be in the form of checking and savings accounts, refunds, stocks and bonds, utility deposits and several others.

Even with this $322,729.94 in reimbursements, the Division of Unclaimed Funds currently has more than $3.9 billion. You can check to see if you’re owed anything via the division website or by calling 614-466-4433.