(WTRF) — A Sheriff’s Office in Ohio has denounced one of its own citizens, and award winner, after that resident allegedly was on camera making racist statements.

On December 23, 2021, a resident of Delaware County, Ethan, helped a deputy that was getting threatened while trying to arrest a shoplifting subject, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office said Ethan got between Deputy Hunter and some of the crowd, and as he attempted to reason with two males they turned their attention on him and assaulted him. Ethan apparently suffered a broken nose and lacerations on his forehead.

For his actions, Ethan was awarded the Sheriff’s Office Community Civilian Citation award.

Just last week, Sheriff Martin of the Sheriff’s Office said he learned that Ethan was in a video recording making racist statements.

Martin said, “I find these sentiments to be reprehensible and I denounce them. Appalling acts deserve our condemnation.”

“I will continue to use the Community Civilian Citation award to applaud acts (like helping a deputy) that we all should emulate. And I will continue to use my public platform to decry acts (like making racists statements) that we all should reject.’ Martin continued.

The video that was circling around Facebook has since been deleted.

The Sheriff’s Office statement and the original post can be found here.