ELMWOOD PLACE, OH (WLWT) — A brawl between the Elmwood Place mayor and the village’s maintenance supervisor, who happens to be the mayor’s husband, sent them both to jail.

The two administrators, Mayor Bill Wilson and Bill Smith, are married and were both charged with domestic violence and disorderly conduct, according to WLWT. 

The police chief said officers weren’t able to determine the primary aggressor so they had to charge both men.

Residents said the arrests are also a black eye for the village.

“You got to have a leader, you’ve got to have a good leader. You lead by example. That’s not by example,” resident Mickey Turner said to WLWT. 

According to court documents, the couple spent the day at pride events in downtown Cincinnati Saturday, then they got into an argument over who was “drunkest” and who should be driving.

On the way home, court documents state, that the fight turned physical.

After arriving at their home on Maple Street, witnesses told police that there was another fight between the couple, court documents showed.

“They should hold a higher regard of who they are and set a better example then out here in the public, they’re out here fighting,” Turner said.

When Elmwood Place police arrived, they said they found Wilson and Smith intoxicated with injuries to their eyes and scratches from broken glass in which they were rolling around in in the foyer of their home.

“That’s their mayor and they had to arrest him,” resident Brandon Spivey said.

Police said they had to arrest their boss and his husband and are treating this like any other criminal investigation. To eliminate any conflicts of interest, investigators said they’ve asked St. Bernard police to assist in the criminal investigation.

Wilson was also charged resisting arrest and obstructing official business. Police said he pushed an officer and tried running from them.