DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A new online portal for renewing your liquor license went live in Ohio on Tuesday, and soon it will be the only way to do so.

The state launched a website for the renewal process in October 2020 to help streamline the process for those making renewals that were delayed by the pandemic.

Since then, a majority of permit holders have chosen to renew via the website. Earlier this year, 80 percent of users renewed online.

“When applications were filled out on paper and mailed in, there was a risk of them being incomplete, causing delays in the process. With online renewals, licensees are required to fully complete the application before submission,” DOLC Superintendent Jim Canepa said in a release.

“Permit holders will also have more payment options and receive instant proof that they filed and, when applicable, get the necessary documentation to continue operating while we process their application. This means less downtime and more transparency for the permit holders and less paper for staff, which is a win for everyone.”

The Division of Liquor Control plans to make the process online-only this fall to make the process easier. That change is expected to take place in October.

Those who wish to renew their liquor license online can do so here.