DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN)– Following the Texas Elementary School shooting, Ohio lawmakers are calling for action regarding firearms in schools, including adjusting House Bill 99.

“The state of Ohio needs to get involved in school safety,” said Senate President Matt Huffman.

Huffman is calling on Ohio lawmakers to protect the state’s most vulnerable population, students in schools. After 19 elementary school children were killed in Texas last Tuesday, President Huffman said action needs to happen here in Ohio.

“We need to have resources officers in every school or have other folks respond quickly and the training needs to be more significant than House Bill 99 indicates,” said Huffman.

House Bill 99 would allow school staff to carry a firearm after completing 20 hours of training. Under the proposed legislation, it would leave each individual school district to decide on carrying requirements. Huffman believes the bill should require more training.

“The one thing that everyone wants is knowing there’s some ability to have children protected and the key to that is proper training,” said Huffman.

House Bill 99 is currently sitting in the senate after having a hearing in March.